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WebDesign Birmingham. An effective website that works on any type of device is the cornerstone of your business, that’s why a large part of our efforts go towards creating a web site dynamic, easy to use and friendly with mobile devices.

We specialize in development for: corporate websites or presentation, online stores, blogs, websites in several languages but also in the design of the logo and the realization of the visual identity.

The process of web design begins by to get to know you and learn all about the project on which we work. Once I find out all the details important it’s time to do UX, UI, and …a little magic :).
WebDesign Birmingham

Because not all speak languages technical, we’re going to continue in a language accessible to all:

UX comes from user experience, UI – User Interface (Inerfata of Use), the architecture is just a sketch with the size and position of the various elements on the web page.

Thus, all the steps listed above do nothing to help:

  • Web Design ServicesVisitors feel at home on your site
  • Web Design ServicesThe website is easy to be used
  • Web Design ServicesAny information to be to a maximum of 2 clicks away
  • Web Design ServicesThe Site to be friendly, pretty colors, everything to be superlative

After I passed the visual part, let’s take things a bit more technical, i.e. to the code that makes everything work.
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