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A visual identity is a like a toolkit of creative graphic assets. We create and develop a visual graphic design style which is unique to your brand usually combining font selection, colours, illustration and photographic style.

The main purpose of creating an identity is to maintain a consistent visual communications look and feel across many mediums.

Advertising, websites, videos and printed collateral would all use this identity combined with the logo, and tone of voice for copywriting.


Brandmark / logo design

Your logo is perhaps the single most important embodiment of your brand identity. It is the unique visual guide to differentiate your brand from another. More than that, for a great brand a logo is a symbol of trust and reputation.

Whether you want a simple logo to represent the company name, or you want a complex logo, we are available with unlimited logo revisions to choose the right solution. Most companies have a maximum of 3-5 design revisions for the logo, but we offer the ideal solution for getting a top quality logo.

The logo is a company’s “first impression”, a visual identity that will appear on both company’s documents (business cards, letterheads, presentation catalogs, etc.) as well as stamps and promotional materials for any advertising campaign. For this reason, the logo has to represent the company’s ideas and directions of development.

Choosing the colors for a professional logo is the first step in the company’s identity. If the client wants certain colors, the graphical variants presented will use the respective shades. If the customer has not yet set the colors for our company, our designers will make different logo variants in different color combinations.

Each logo will be discussed with the customer to see if a final decision has been reached or to determine the direction that we need to follow.

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To benefit from a quality logo, you can trust our graphic design services. We love logo design, it’s truly satisfying to see a new brand burst into bloom.


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