Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers to all your questions:

How do we start a collaboration and what is the way of working?

In the online industry, everything is a click away. We have developed a unique concept of working for clients, which has been approached by many companies, demonstrating their efficiency. This method of working consists in a few simple steps as follows:

1. Preliminary discussion details about the project, after which it will be achieved a design (mockup) of the site.

2. Realization of the site according to the design (initial design, mockup of the websitesite), adding text and content. The client will have access to the server of the samples throughout the project, from where you will be able to guide the evolution of the project, having the possibility to submit a list of finishing touches, if necessary.

3. Testing on different browsers, devices and for everything to look perfect. Testing the functionalities of the site.

4. Optimize the loading speed of the website, the images and securing it.

5. The website will be put online when completed.

How much a website costs?

The creation of a website starts at an estimated price of £199 and can reach up to £1000 and up. Depends on how strict requirements you have, and what functions and features you need on it.

What is the payment method?

Payment can be made by Paypal or direct bank transfer, I will give you all details at the right time. The payment of a service achievement website or create online store is made in two instalments, i.e. 50% advance, and the difference of 50% is performed to completion and acceptance of the work.

When the website will be put online?

A web site is to be launched online, always, after the payment of the last instalment specified in the contract.

How long does it take making a web site?

The duration of the achievement of a website presentation is strictly correlated with the appearance, functions and functionalities that you want it to have.

How do I find out the price of a web site and the time of execution?

You can find out the price and the execution time of a web site accessing the form Ask for a Quote or by calling us. In both variants we kindly ask you to give us as many details about your project would be able to make an estimate correct.

If you would like to change the content of the site later, can I?

Of course. Our websites have an admin panel, protected by user and password, through which you can edit or add any information from the website.

The websites made are original?

All websites made by us are original, made after a unique design (mockup) approved by the customer (exceptions being cases in which the client explicitly requests the use of a certain design, etc.). The first stage in the realization of a website is the stage of consulting, where they analyze the client’s requirements, and based on these, we develop a web solution customized.

Why the WordPress platform?

Since WordPress is one of the platforms the web the most used worldwide and also the most easy to use by end customers. Also, WordPress is an ideal platform for the realization of the websites of the presentation and that do not require large budgets.

Make websites using other web platforms?

Through this website we offer web design services for the realization of web sites strictly on the WordPress platform.

What is a theme designed from scratch?

A theme designed from scratch means creating a custom website consistent with the brand that you have or the niche business of which you are part. Such a theme ensure the presentation of the exact, the way you want, of your business.

Who will make the content of the web site?

The content of the website will be created by the client, by you. And that’s because you’re the person who knows his business best. In exceptional cases, and surcharge, we can also help you in the process of creation of the content, but only if you provide us with the minimal information necessary from which to go.

I want to make a website, how do I proceed?

Very simple! If you want a web site, you can contact us. Please access the form Ask for a Quote or by phone 0734 149 7032

I have questions whose answers I can’t find them in this page, how do I proceed?

For more information, please contact us at